Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 this is butterspy. he is a butterfly-thing, or more accurately, a butterfly impostor. he wears and flaunts his fake wings while snatching up defenseless unsuspecting butterflies. and then eats them. butterspy is the first figure i finished for the munnyworld megacontest, and funny enough, i hadn't really planned on finishing him for the contest since he's made of two different munnyworld figures: the head of a raffy and body of a rooz.  ever since i made the chloe figure (with raffy body and rooz head), i've been staring at the leftover pieces, thinking of a butterfly-thing. the contest has finally given me a reason to push aside all other work and focus on some toy customizing (like i've been aching to!), so i kept using leftover clay from other pieces to slowly build up my butterspy character... and i just got too excited to paint him, so here he is! i think i'm rambling. also! i made the cute little net from one of the dozens of munny accessories i had lying around. it was a tree branch (i think?) that i cut off some sticks poking out and attached a little net made from a bug-carrier that timmy found for me.

feel free to "like" butterspy on the munnyworld megacontest page (i think on page 4ish at this point?), my 5 other entries, and any other custom you love!

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