Monday, April 25, 2011

molasses & jiffy


the classic story of the tortoise and the hare! molasses the tortoise is always getting jumped all over by the zaney jiffy the hare. originally when i started this, i had planned on making a cute little turtle with a little snail friend. once i finished sculpting both creatures, i had the idea of customizing one of kidrobot's dunny figures into a bunny (or hare.) i thought it would be funny to have the crazy hare jumping on the poor, confused tortoise's head. i threw out the snail idea (though, i have him sculpted already so be on a look out for him as part of a future custom!)

i tried to keep my little reptile simple and i was in love with him once i finished the sculpted additions, but i painted him not once, not twice, but three times before falling in love with him again. it drove me insane and there is an unholy amount of paint on him, but i finally got him painted the colors he was destined to be! i didn't want to make him a plain old green turtle, but the color combinations i came up with weren't working. i'm usually happy with my color choices right away, and maybe it was the rushing or poor planning, but i just couldn't get the right colors. my second attempt was to make him an albino tortoise, and although i absolutely loved the idea, his features didn't stand out enough to make him a strong piece (but i made up for it by making the hare albino instead.) i was stressing out about his colors, while everyone in my house yelled at me to set it aside and come back to it later. i did so, felt better, and finally settled for the typical green and yellow, which i'm pleased with since the contrast of those colors with the albino hare look fabulous.

here are my two attempts. i really loved the albino tortoise from this view, but from the front i just wasn't happy with him.

as of right now, molasses doesn't stand on his own with jiffy on his head, so keep an eye out for updated pictures once i get them on a nifty base !

please feel free to "like" my entries on the munnyworld megacontest page ! molasses the tortoise, ned finklestein the nerdy water buffalo, and slinky the prison lemur. hurry and do it while they're still on page 1 !

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