Wednesday, April 20, 2011


here is runts, my pride and joy! the hungry little chimp who can't get enough bananas. this is basically what i look like every time i eat.

runts is a customized foomi figure that i wish i could take full credit for, but the idea of making a monkey with bananas actually came from my sister, dl. while i was spending endless hours customizing too many munnyworld figures, dl said the foomi figure head looked like a bunch of bananas from behind. so i took the idea and ran with it. i love trying to use the DIY toys in different and unique ways (my snail garth as an example) so i was eager to take on this banana bonanza challenge. i had no idea if it would work out, but i'm thrilled with my new baby chimp figure


this is what the blank foomi figure originally looked like. it's kind of weird to look at runts in the way the foomi is intended to be used.  i like to compare.

feel free to "like" runts, capt'n snips (the hermit crab), and butterspy (the pinkish butterfly imposter), and any other submission you love on the munnyworld contest page. as of now they are on the 2nd page, but who knows where they'll be after more entries pop up...