Wednesday, September 8, 2010

futurama cake!

tim's birthday part 2! who loves futurama?! i do!  along with tim's pez, i made him this sweet cake and cupcakes based on his favorite tv show, futurama. i had to include the three main dudes, fry (my personal favorite), bender, and leela.  but instead of finishing with the rest of the main characters, i chose mostly minor characters, including timmy's favorite: scruffy, the janitor. 

i've wanted to decorate a cake using all little stars (like this, you know, the cake molds you see in the stores. ) for a really, really long time. it has always been one of those things since i was little that i've been really drawn to. it's hard to explain, i just love to look at them. they make me feel like a little kid, and i could sit looking through a cake magazine for hours (as long as they're all made from the star method). so i was very excited to finally try it myself, but unfortunately "just doing" something isn't the smartest idea when you have never done it... and i got the wrong kind of icing and it wouldn't hold the shape of anything, including those little stars. instead, thanks to my failures, i just squeezed out some icing to fill the spaces. 

my plan was to made the cake batter fully blue so we could eat blue cupcakes, but i realized after pouring all the batter in the pans that i completely forgot. so instead, as you can see, i made swirlies of blue. which you couldn't even tell once they were all finished.  tim thought the dye from the icing had soaked through to the center of the cupcakes. oh well.   now i know this isn't "art," but i seriously enjoyed decorating these.  i did them all freehand which proved to be a slight challenge, and it took forever to mix every color.  it took about 4 hours total just for decorating, which isn't including time for baking and clean up.  now i want to decorate treats for every holiday, but using the star method of course..


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