Friday, June 4, 2010

ancient princess of lethal fanning

third and final painting for the autumn society's 90's show!

big part of my childhood was video games.  nintendo. super nes. nintendo 64.  although i spent the majority of the time watching my sister dl play roger rabbit, zelda, and a million other phenominal games for hours on end, i did love to play. dl and i had a special bond with the game clay fighters and now i'm craving paintings of blue suede goo and blob and ickybod clay, etc !

anyway, i did a sketch of kitana a while back and i was very excited to have the opportunity to do a nice painting of her to show my love of the 90's.  mortal kombat was one of my favorite games of all time. i loved learning crazy moves for kitana and subzero, and using them repeatedly in a row until my opponent got pissed off, fed up and quit. i despised when people would do that to me. i would have liked to do a more detailed and complex tribute to MK but i cornered myself into having no time for it.. so this is the result

check out the show this month, opens TONIGHT!
opening reception 6/4/10 at 6-8 PM
brave new worlds:
45 N 2nd street
old city, philadelphia

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