Friday, June 18, 2010


ART ALL NIGHT!  3pm Saturday, June 19 - 3 pm Sunday, June 20, 2010. 24 straight hours of art and entertainment. i think art all night is a fantastic idea/event, giving people the opportunity to show their work to a huge crowd, especially those who have never shown and never would otherwise. this is the event's 4th year, and my 3rd year participating.  regretfully i've never attended during the whole rush or peak hours, where apparently it gets super crazy, but this year i'm volunteering for 2 shifts, so maybe i'll get to experience some craziness. another reason i love the art all night concept is because literally anyone can submit work.  one piece, free, 24 hours.  that means while you're walking through the gigantic and beautiful building you'll see such a large variety of work: a 4 year olds first drawing to a still life of apples to photographs of the ocean to insane ginormous paintings of people, places, things, fantasy, cartoons, boobs, octopus, realistic, surreal, boring, exciting, crappy, phenomenal, nonsense, everything!  there's so other place to see that much variety in one spot.

my submission this year! i loved the drawing i did a while back, and i wanted to paint it.  thought this would be a good time to do so. here's the original drawing, progress shot, finished painting, and detail. i love seeing sketches/drawings turned into paintings 

 as a volunteer i'm not technically supposed to socialize too, tooooo much, but those of you planning to attend, at least come say hi while i'm in action 3pm-6pm saturday, or 12am-3am sunday!

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