Monday, June 28, 2010

mr. grubtini!

mr. grubtini is all done! i'm excited and i think he is very handsome.  i love him and i hope you do too. his monocle is a magnifying glass, i was hoping for some distortion but it ended up just looking like normal glass once against him. fine by me, i'm just happy it worked out and i was able to make it and attach it to him exactly how i had planned.  sweet delicious grub martinis.. grubtini.. mmm..

i submitted him to the contest, but i don't really fit in any categories, so we'll see how that goes. i'm way past having a chance for "most likes" but it would still be cool to have some people "like" it.. some people, such as you. please go here and "like" mr grubtini!

 i have another one in progress, hopefully he'll be done in time.  come back tomorrow to see some process shots/info of mr. grubtini and more lovey dovey thoughts about how much i adore him

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