Monday, June 14, 2010

muddy mudskipper!

this was supposed to be posted monday at 12 am.. but i screwed up.. but no use in wasting a perfectly good post.

happy monday! i'm not here today, but i didn't want to leave my loyal fans with no fun art, after cheaping out on last week's posts.  so this is today's futuristic post.  i'm still living in the past (saturday) writing this. i spent the night in atlantic city last night, leaving no time today for a fresh post. however, a cheap hotel room with free le grand cirque tickets?! i'm all over it, despite the fact that i have way more important things i should be doing. who wants to make bets that the hotel doesn't give us a wheelchair accessible room?  hint: they almost never do.  let the betting begin!  winner gets free drawing. unless more than one person wins.

no time for real artwork but here is a quick sketch on illustration board i did of muddy mudskipper. in celebration of the 90's show (check for pictures of the show tomorrow).  i'm not crazy about him, but hey he's just a sketch. if anyone is interested in possibly owning mr. mudskipper, please speak up and maybe, just maybe i'll have a contest to win him.  (contest or not, i'm just looking to get rid of him)

also, i get that this is an art/SCI blog, but it mostly revolves around art. i constantly have things to say about SCI...not right now.. but i'm hoping to open my mind and bombard you more frequently with crazy SCI facts and SCI experiences both art and non-art related. 

today's post was a jumble of too many weird and unrelated thoughts.  enjoy your day!

EDIT 6/17:  random drawing sometime next week to win muddy mudskipper! let me know if you want in!

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