Friday, June 11, 2010

the mottiella pterodactyl

i've been a little distracted by art and much to your disappointment, i've had limited updates this week. however! here is a commissioned painting i finished for a friend's birthday.  portrait of the birthday boy as a pterodactyl, in his favorite sweater. oh, he's such a cute little dino.  i feel (and hope) that the overall look of my kaotic kritters have improved since i started them in 2008, and i hope they will continue to improve.  so, here are some of the first dino kritters i did a while back for your viewing pleasure.

update at 2:30 am.  i'm not exactly sure how, but i started changing the look of my blog... and before i knew it, i can't get back to my original look.  i don't fully like it as of now but will be working to get it perfect.. bear with me until i find the time please.  damn me.

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