Monday, June 7, 2010

busy busy busy

buuuuh. june is an insane month for me.  i have way too many deadlines with way too high of ambition for all the things i want to complete by the end of the month. i've never actually missed a deadline so i don't plan to now.  i worried about having time to finish everything i want to while maintaining good quality work (and my sanity), but i'm determined, so it's happening.  i'm excited to be making my first circus punk for the clowntastrophe show.  a munny (possibly multiple..) for the awesome munny contest for munny munth.  also, researching (and reliving my childhood) to prepare for the autumn society's 80's toy art show in july! aaaand, art all night is coming up in a few weeks.  june 19-20 is 24 hours of art and entertainment! i'll be volunteering this year, where i should probably try to make some contacts, but too bad i'm too socially awkward and completely incapable of marketing myself.

 the above painting was my submission last year to art all night, where, to my excitement, it sold.  whether or not mine sells this year, i'm always excited to have my work shown and to have lots and lots of people see it.

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