Tuesday, June 22, 2010


here is where ART ALL NIGHT took place.  huge gorgeous warehouse, full of lots of art and lots of people. this picture was taken after our first 3 hour shift between 6-7 pm on saturday, and the crowd just got bigger. i spent my first shift from 3-6 pm with tim at the door greeting guests, stamping hands, and handing out raffle tickets. loud live music, muggy air, sweaty bodies, buttloads of confusion, enthusiasm, and fun times.  the second shift at 12am-3am wasn't quite as exciting. very crowded at midnight which was awesome, but slowly emptied out. this time we spent the 3 hours "watching art", aka answering questions, keeping handsy drunk people off the artwork and reporting any problems. i basically did nothing except talk to random people and bump into some familiar faces. to my disappointment, there were very few drunk incidents for my entertainment... but i guess that's a good thing for the sake of the event.  here are more pictures from the show:

click photos to enlarge!

my pretty painting!

tim roselle's bike chair, made fully out of an old bike (with the help of richie hopkins)

tess pin up by will clark (middle picture)
check out his very funny webcomics

my cousin kelsey calcagni's drawing (top right)
she's just out of highschool and an awesome artist

and my momma patricia tararuj's watercolor flowers (middle bottom, purple matte)
her 3rd ever watercolor painting and it's perfect....and watercolor's tough. i get my talent from my mommy.


  1. wow Kelsey's piece looks like me sort of!

  2. hahaha that's exactly what tim said

  3. Everything was really incredible! There were so many people that came out to it!!! yay yay yay! My only regret is that I couldn't attend at the earlier hours of the morning. I hope everything went incredibly for everyone else as well :) Thank you for posting my kasey!