Monday, June 21, 2010

happy father's day!

remember for mother's day i made my momma a drawing of some elephants?  i felt it was appropriate to show my dad the same gratitude for being my pops, by drawing this for him.  those of you who know my family know my dad doesn't stop eating. ever. it's a wonder he's not 600 pounds. when i say he's constantly eating, i am not exaggerating. those of you who know us, also know my sisters and i are pigs who also don't know how to stop and breathe when there is food in front of us, especially the not-so-healthy bad junk (aka the good stuff). 

so here's daddy with his 3 little piggies. papabear who loves to stink up the house with those vile burritos, nicole the fattest (meaning oldest) piggie eating chocolate who spazzes out about how many calories are in my mom's dinner but searches endlessly for chocolate immediately afterwards, dl the middle sized piggie eating veggies since she actually tries to eat healthy, and i'm the piggie on top eating popsicles and ice cream since we can't have a box of popsicles in my house for more than 2 days as long as i'm around. 

this will be a painting one day also.

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