Thursday, June 24, 2010

munny munth!

munny contest for munny munth! i've entered munny customizing contests before, but this is the biggest of the biggest.  there are tons of categories to win for, plus random other prizes. however! the grand prize is to design a dunny in 2011's dunny series. that is amazing. not to mention the celebrity judges are some amazing artists and toy designers, including my favorite amanda visell.  so whether or not winning is my intention, the whole idea of this and how big it seems to be is pretty damn awesome.  just to have these artists seeing my work is great, and i'm psyched to see who's chosen for the dunny series (MEEE...or hopefully a flat-out "nobody," a talented nobody.. because that would make it worthwhile)  i finished sculpting mr. grunbtini and now i just need to paint him and finish up his accessories.  he's pretty fantastic, but what kind of mother doesn't think her newborn is fantastic? judge as you will. but check out process/progress!

update 2:30 pm: i came up with an idea tday for another munny. i got excited and started before even really thinking about it. so we'll see how that goes and if i finish in time for the contest... 6 days

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  1. good luck..he's adorable! i love him - judy