Tuesday, September 21, 2010

art snob

the movie art school confidential really makes me miss school and art folks. this movie is really (not so much) an exaggeration of what art school (at tcnj, for me) is like (though i feel like being in a more artsy school would have been even worse.) i miss the uncontrollable anger i felt as i'd mock the many "artists" who never failed to impress the professors with their conceptual art garbage. i admit i am what some might refer to as an "art snob." i appreciate and respect artwork that shows obvious hard work and passion, artwork requires and shows actual talent.  i do not however like (in fact, i despise) someone who plugs in a light bulb and calls it art. or fills gigantic rooms full of all-white paintings (literally) and call it's process art. or someone who paints a car that looks like a paint by number done by a five year old (as seen in art school confidential) and call it art.  or when someone spend painfully long hours creating something to be proud of and get the same credit as someone who scribbles for 10 seconds (and gets praised for it.)  and even more, i hate women who sit in the middle of an art museum and stare at someone for hours, get paid way too much money and call it art. i can't handle the fact that so much artwork out there is a success solely based on the artist's ability to bullshit their way to fame. or the fact that there are people who love and admire them for their bull. if these people feel the need to express themselves through these methods that i will never, ever understand, that's fine. i just wish it could in a separate category than "art." i'm desperately trying (really, really hard) not to go too far into my anti-art rant that i've rambled on about so many times before, so go watch art school confidential and you'll understand what brought on my rant, unless you're one of them who give me this undying headache. i just watch it and laugh at how ridiculous it is, until i realize it's really not that far off from the reality i surprisingly miss so much from my four years in college..

this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my snobbiness.. but i'm okay with that because i'm sure there are plenty of people who dislike or hate my work.  at least i'm doing it for the right reasons. i know this for a fact because i'm poor and i'm not doing much about it, except painting... all so i can keep on painting :)

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