Wednesday, September 29, 2010

luigi myers

3-dimensional layered acrylic painting
each individual layer:

final piece! 8"x10" with princess daisy painted on glass, raised about an inch above the background

my second piece for the autumn society's Video Game Gore show at brave new worlds. the movie halloween is a classic, and michael myers is an relentless monster! maybe luigi had some issues growing up too, i don't know, i'm not a doctor. apparently he just won't die, especially in this creepy scene, one of my favorites where he silently rises upright. but this movie's #1 fright factor is the music. by far. i admit i love rob zombie's remake of halloween (NOT his sequel) but the original halloween just holds that special place in my heart for fear and gore that is unfortunately impossible to create now that we're in the year 2010. 

on another note about the idea and process behind my 3d painting, i think someone, who may or not be tim, is a little upset with me for making them 3d. for the autumn society's 90's show back in june, he made some rocko's modern life paintings, in a similar fashion with plexiglass raised above the canvas. i would just like to share that i have my idea since college, and i've been collecting unneeded glass from all the frames i've used for paintings for years in hopes to one day make layered paintings. however! i most likely would have never (or not as soon) tried it myself if i hadn't seen tim try his version first; i say he just gave me a nudge to do what i always wanted . so way to go tim! you have a lot of great ideas, and i'm sorry if i "stole" it....but you're my boyfriend so i don't care anyway, what's yours is mine :)

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