Thursday, September 30, 2010

the shy hallway

3-dimensional layered acrylic paintings
each individual layer:

final piece! mario painting on glass, raised about an inch from the background

this is my last for the autumn society's Video Game Gore show at brave new worlds comics on october 1! the shining is not just a creepy old movie, i still think of it as one of the legitimately scariest movies of all time. it's horrying. it's amazing. i had several ideas for this scene, but it all came down to keeping it to the movie and keeping it simple.

who wouldn't want to see a shy guys wearing cute little matching blue dresses?

check out the VIDEO GAME GORE show at brave new worlds, starts tomorrow for october!! there will be tons of amazing work as usual


  1. the Kubrick geek in me still goes crazy for this picture, and even better that for the twins you went to the best Mario game of all time.... the out of place "2". i love it

  2. haha thank you pw! always loved those little shy guys