Thursday, September 9, 2010

good days, bad days

i'm not sure how to write negative thoughts without sounding like a whiny little teen.  i know that everyone has bad days and can maturely write and speak about them, but i feel like i personally just sound like a rambling child. today, i could write about how frustrating it is to still be unemployed two+ years after graduation, and how frustrating it is (whether true or not) to even consider my disability has even the slightest bit to do with it (to me that just sounds like something to blame, although i've had plenty of people not want to deal with me because of it, so it's not that far fetched).  i could write about how irritated i get by seeing women with tight bodies prance around while gravity combined with my lack of muscle, and inability to gain muscle pulls down every bit of me (but that would just make me superficial).  i could write about how unnaturally hungry and pissed off i am because my delightful monthly visitor seems to be on its way (despite how many naive people still question whether or not i even still have a monthly cycle. really? i'm still human and female, geniuses). and i could write about how unbelievable and depressing it is that my ten-year "anniversary" of the day i met my faithful disability is only several short days away (even realizing it's only a number and i shouldn't let it get to me even when everything around me seems to be reminding me of it at the moment.) i could write about all those things, as ridiculous and immature as they are, and i could choose to be grumpy...but i choose to make this a happy-day (after much effort) and express my excitement over the 3G show overpowers all my negativity. and how it was an amazing night and event to be a part of, despite not actually being there to experience it.  my art being there was enough for me.  that's all i really want. i don't truly care about anything else mentioned above, just to keep creating and being lucky enough to have somewhere, anywhere to show it.

 please visit the autumn society's post to read about the opening events that took place:

that link better work. tell me if it doesn't! i can't test it because my computer hates me

and! on another happy note, gotfuturama twitted/tweeted(?) my futurama cake! not sure how they found it, but how fun.

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