Thursday, September 23, 2010

3G video

borrowed post from the autumn society. i apparently still can't figure out how to post videos for the life of me, so visit the post to see!

" Electric Playground just released their feature on our 3G Show with Gallery 1988. The video was hosted by Miri Jedeikin and features a lot of the work from the show. Jensen Karp (Co-owner of Gallery 1988) and (Chogrin) were interviewed and featured in the video as well. "

just a sweet video about the 3G show! the show ended yesterday, but apparently both my goonies and ghosbusters pieces sold! beyond excited about that.  i asked my californian friend mattyo to take some photos of the show for me since i couldn't get out west for the show.. i get an email from him today saying "I took pictures. Ill send them later. 2 of your paintings sold. SETH FUCKING GREEN BOUGHT THE LIBRARY!" he said while he was purchasing a gizmo print, the gallery owners told him that seth green bought my ghostbusters piece on opening night! :)  easily the coolest thing of all time to happen to me artistically. ever. i've been a huge fan of his as far back as i can remember. i was excited enough knowing he would be there to see it, but never imagined him actually buying it. it just seems very surreal.
(mattyo taking pictures of the show! coming sooon)
but i am super excited to sell them and i can't wait to make more.  i have 3 similar pieces on the way for the video game gore show with the autumn society in october!