Monday, September 27, 2010

TCNJ Art Alumni Exhibition: 1EG3D

i mentioned some time ago that i was accepted into tcnj's art alumni show (juror by dan cameron.)  the show has 57 works by
 35 artists, with alumni going back as far as a graduate of '72.  my very first one-eyed girl sculpture was accepted, though some might remember her wretched the pig-hoof hands (slightly seen in these photos), as a result of a deadline that gave little time to perfect her little hands. they were an embarrassment, so i went and redid them, and though they still need a little more work, they look a ton better, just in time for tcnj. 

the show is already open, but the reception is friday, oct 1 at 5:30-8pm, in conjunction with a dedication ceremony for the new building and other homecoming weekend funsies.  the new art building is beautiful and i'm excited to have the opportunity to display in their space. i did have a love/hate relationship with their crappy old building, a building i still feel a little homesick for sometimes. but as much as i loved my time there, i would have killed to work and live in their new art building. if only i were 6 years younger..

check out more info about the exhibition here
here are some updated photos of the 1EG sculpture, with her new hands! 

see you friday!

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