Tuesday, September 28, 2010

peachy clean

3-dimensional layered acrylic painting
each layer individual:

final piece! 8"x10" with princess peach painted on glass raised, about an inch above the shower background

it's the most wonderful time of year!  halloween has officially begun (for me...) i look forward to october all year long and there is nothing that makes me happier. i am a very avid horror movie watcher, and although i watch them year-round (causing nonstop nightmares and irrational fear), october is month for constant horror movies, and even better, horror movie nights and marathons. i watch tons of movies every single day while i draw and paint and a big portion of them are horror, including all those really horrible B-movie (and worse) ones that no one's ever heard of, or ever should hear of. they are my guilty pleasure. most importantly, the SAW movies series, is the greatest horror story ever told.  i'm not a huge fan of the gore; i like the idea of the traps(not seeing them work), but the story itself is phenominal. i have seen the last 5 SAW movies in theaters on halloween day with my boyfriend, a tradition sadly ending with this year's final chapter, but i can't wait to finally find out all the missing links.
the point is, the autumn society's Video Game Gore show at brave new worlds opens friday october 1 ! i stuck with what i know and love and made some more fun 3-D paintings of some of the greatest horror movies of all time.  this one is a tribute to psycho, with some video game characters in place. it's sexy time with princess peach. it may not be gore now, but the psycho shower scene was one of the most shocking scenes at the time. it still creeps me out a bit. two more famous horror movie moments on the way

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