Friday, September 17, 2010

motorcylces for wheelchairs

i just realized i never posted this back from the abilities expo.  a motorcycle for the disabled?!?! it's like the batmobile. i'm absolutely terrified of motorcycles, and i actually despise them.  and although this is obviously very different than typical motorcycle you see, it is so amazingly awesome that this was made.  i just imagine maybe a person who was disabled because of a motorcycle accident, thinking they'd never be able to ride one again, and then they see this for the first time and all their hopes and dreams seem possible again! that is, if they have thousands and thousands of dollars at their disposal..

 technically i have no idea what kind of other devices are out there, or if there are other possibilities for the disabled riding motorcycles, but i don't care because this is just fantastic looking.  a ramp comes down the back and you roll right in (you can even see the backrest and handlebars of a wheelchair inside the bike above)

i wish i was badass (and rich) enough for these crazy contraptions

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