Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wind up tattoo time

this is going to be the newest addition to my tattoo collection! it's going to be a big one, basically a half-sleeve on my right arm... and it's a huge deal to me.  i had planned on getting it in september around my ten-year anniversary. this might sound stupid (especially those who are anti-tattoo...sorry mom and dad), but it would have been very therapeutic to have something to look forward to, especially something so personal and important to me, instead of focusing on my disability and everything i mentioned in yesterday's post. of course, my indecisiveness made me wait far too long to make an appointment for that time, but i was lucky enough to be able to make one for early october. if i hear one more person (mothers...) say how ugly i'm going to look on my wedding day, i'm going to stab them. i happen to love the way tattoos look on both men and women, and i am more than happy to have my own artwork displayed on my body, especially at my own wedding. so now, i get an extra month of excitement and anticipation. coming soon, my new tattoo for the person i am today, for the everything of the last decade! :) woohoo


  1. Hahaha "If I hear one more person..." Love it! Can't wait to see how it looks!! :)

  2. haha
    thanks hillary, me neither!

  3. Hi Kasey

    Anything tattoo that has a story is never ugly.

    Ms Chui Hai Loon

  4. Do you have a picture of the real tattoo? It looks absolutely fabulous! I wonder how it looks on the skin..