Wednesday, September 1, 2010

makin' munny: pinky panda!

while in philly this weekend, after the japanese show and the black light show, we finished up everything we had planned for the day... around 6 or 7.. so with nothing to do for the rest of the night, we decided to have a munny making party! meaning, three of us drew on a blank munny for hours while watching crappy movies and sweet home alabama. how romantic. timmy made a camping scene with a bear chasing a dude, and will from laughingboycomics made a punk rocker, while i made pinky panda who loves blueberry pie. we had a horrible lack of supplies (markers that smudged and still smudge.. a lot) so our end products aren't exactly masterpieces, but it was a delightful thing to do on a saturday night, as both a useful art exercise and a fun hang out.

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