Monday, December 13, 2010

aussie and v-buzz

here we have aussie the ostrich and v-buzz the vulture, both from 2009, but are on display at my art show at the red horse gallery.  i won't be posting any new work over the next few weeks while i'm slaving over tons of artwork day and night to finish by christmas.  once we meet the new year, i'll have plenty of different work to show.  until then, i'll be sharing old work, mostly kritters, some of which can be seen in the gallery... right now!

i have two 3D back to the future paintings just about finished that i'm excited to share, as soon the very kind and extremely patient back to the future fan receives and approves of them.

(ps- this thursday is my kaotic kritter show at 6-8 pm at freehold mall. red horse gallery is upper level, next to sears!)

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