Monday, December 27, 2010

snow day!

best part about snow days:  i don't have to shovel snow outside.  results in delightful laziness inside a cozy warm house, no sore back and arms, and silently laughing at everyone else who has to spend hours digging our their cars... and mine.

worst part about snow days:  i don't get to shovel snow outside. that means i don't get to enjoy of the crunch of fresh snow under my feet (both sound and feeling.) no experience of being overwhelmingly surrounded by fresh, clean snow after a major storm. no fun.

i want to shovel! i know that everyone could argue that i wouldn't complain about not shoveling if i were actually physically able to (and forced to) and i know that is most definitely true. but that doesn't change the fact that it's sad how many things there are out there that you need to lose before you're able to appreciate them. even the worst, most painful or boring of tasks, that i constantly hear people complain about things i'd kill to be able to do, like running upstairs just to grab something, do laundry (our machines are in the basement), take out the trash, any other stupid chore that everyone hates doing.. like shoveling snow.

i'm sure by saying this, i will probably just infuriate anyone who reads it, especially those who have to do all these things for me. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying anyone has no right to complain, and i'm not saying that i don't complain about the things i can do. i just wish we all could appreciate the things we can do a little more...even when they are a huge pain in the ass.

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