Thursday, December 30, 2010

handicap seating

apparently some people out there think that the disabled deserve to be punished. have you ever tried to get tickets for an event, if you're disabled? beyond one of the most frustrating and sad processes i've come across and i'm nearing my breaking point. surely it has had it's advantages on rare occasions... such as when it's always sunny in philadelphia live tickets were sold out, but tim and i got to go thanks to some open handicap-only seats (yeah!) and handicap seats many times have pretty decent views with nothing to obstruct your view. but the process of actually getting these seats is miserable.

first off, these ignorant policies that are found in most venues is ridiculous. not only am i only allowed to sit with one person from my party (despite how many people i'm with), but i have to pay extra for it as well.  please send over any reasonable arguments as to how this is fair because i'm all ears, but i'm seriosuly outraged that i'm forced to be secluded from my group just to sit and enjoy a show (whatever show it may be.) i know the main reason you go to shows is simply to see the show, but a part of it is also to share and experience it with people you care about. if i wanted to watch it by myself, i would go by myself. i get it if there is only a limited amount of space for wheelchairs, and i'm not about to take away the chance for another wheelchair user to see a show, but i can't tell you how many times i've been to arenas for ice shows, concerts, sports, where there has been tons of empty space in the handicap section. if it's that big a problem, make more space. don't get me wrong, i fully understand about larger groups of 7, 8, 9+ people, but when there is only 4 of us, is it really necessary to split that up?

as for the paying extra part, if i wanted the cheapest tickets available, i could get them...if i were "normal." however, since i'm in a wheelchair, i don't have the option for cheaper tickets. wheelchair seating is many times priced higher, and since "it's just policy," i'm forced to pay extra, despite where i want to sit. i don't care if they are better seats or how much anyone else in that section is paying.  if that is my only option, i shouldn't be penalized for being disabled. we've fought the policies many times and luckily have gotten seats for the cheaper seats, but if you refuse to play fair, then it's time to make a new handicap section in every price range, so we all have equal chances.

i'm not trying to scam the system for cheaper tickets or special treatment. i know i've admitted, and i'll keep admitting that i love the perks and advantages that come along sometimes from being disabled (and who wouldn't love it?), which sometimes may not be fair to others, but maybe that's just another issue to resolve. i don't care about the advantages, i'd prefer it to be fair for everyone. i'm getting really sick of the moronic policies that force me to feel so horribly like an outsider. i have enough issues to deal with during daily life that i don't need to feel bad about the things that are supposed to be a fun and entertaining escape. i just find it sad.
my worst experience with wretched policies was at dorney park (every year, but most specifically with this past october).  i have been meaning to write about it for months, but i'll save that for another day.

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