Friday, December 24, 2010

gingerbread houses!

 a gingerbread house was not on my agenda this year, but i thankfully finished all my work with a day to spare to relax and decorate a gingerbread house with tim. we had to forfeit our original plan for our house since we couldn't find any marzipan to make little characters and accessories. we ended up changing our idea to the overused mario brothers theme (only because i already had a luigi gingerbread man to go with it, as seen in my post a few days ago) but as it ended up, my mom found marzipan after we had already started so we still had to do mario, but at least we could do mario the right way!  i guess we'll have to save our cool idea for next year... so i'm not telling you what it is. 

tim and i both did equal amounts of work on this, both made different characters.. i had to fight him to the death to let me put christmas lights on the tunnel chimney, but my nonstop whining about it caused a victory for me. i always get really bored making gingerbread houses, so i'm really happy we started doing these themed ones. it gives it a purpose and the outcome always makes me so giddy. i'm pretty sure last year's house is and always will be my favorite of all time. snoopy's doghouse:
tim and i worked on our charlie brown christmas gingerbread doghouse together equally like this year's. it's so cute, i can't take it. i'm excited to share it again this year, and more excited to share our new mario gingyhouse !

merry christmas!

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