Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry merry christmas!

i hope everyone had a lovely christmas with lots of love, lots of presents, and lots of christmas cheer. now it's time to start posting some of the work i've done over the past month. i figure this is a good one to start with while christmas is still fresh in our hearts! i painted these sleds for my parents and tim's mom for christmas. sure they big and bulky, but i wanted to do something different and more themey than just a boring rectangle shape. i'm not a photographer and i had no time to figure out a good way to photograph a mini sled, so please don't make fun of my cheesy set up with the elves ha.

for my parents, i wanted to do a cute little scene with stockings hanging by a fire, and it just so happened that adding our pup chloe, yet again, was the best finishing touch. i fully didn't intend on making another art piece based on the dog that already gets far too much attention, but that's how it ended up. i hope that's okay with my parents, but based on how crazy my mom is about the dog, i'm sure it is more than fine.

for tim's mom, i did a snowy scene of a cabin in the mountains, since she's into that kinda thing. pretty and quiet with a fire going. the best part about where she lives now is during the winter, the entire street is filled with the cozy, delicious (and overwhelming) scent of a fire burning. it's one of the greatest smells ever.

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