Thursday, December 2, 2010

playtime: zapper and polly pocket

the next two in my toychest series! this is my second piece for the autumn society's playtime show at brave new worlds. (read about the charity art show here!) 
in my quest to choose different beloved toys i grew up on, i decided on the nintendo zapper! or better known as the duck hunt gun. i was a very avid nintendo player (though not ever skilled, even now) and duck hunt was one game my sisters and i lived for. the sight of that orange gun still makes me excited and even though the duck hunt game has lost its ability to entertain me for endless hours thanks to figuring out how to avoid missing a single duck, it's still a super fun game. the dog and the ducks and especially the sounds forever hold a place in my heart. 
and my last piece, polly pocket! reliving my weirdo obsession with polly pocket made me so unbelievably happy, just to see some of the ones i used to have (and i used to have tons), and remember my favorites.
 it makes me want to play with them, to at least just see and hold them once again. the teeny-tiny-ness of them.  i wish i could explain that happy nostalgic feeling i get when i think about these, and so many other toys, but i'm sure anyone who reads this could imagine by thinking of your own childhood toys. my favorites were the mansion (on the right!) and the castle. and the one with the hot air balloons... ohhh. polly pocket i love you.

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