Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tiny, spike, and gunther

TOMORROW!!!! go see my little kritter friends and me at my show!

tiny t-rex, spike and gunther! gunther the snail was one of the very first kritters that started it all! while on a very relaxing family vacation in the outter banks a few years ago, i started sketching animals for the fun of it and he was one of them.  he is also the first one timmy and i designed together, and remains one of my favorites to this day.  this is the very first sketch of him that i clearly remember drawing while in a huge mansion of a beach house surrounded by ton of family and relatives.  another fun fact, this gunther painting was the 2nd or 3rd kritter painting ever done, before we decided we wanted crazy colorful backgrounds. i think a brand new updated painting of gunther is long overdue..

here's the very first drawing of gunther before my love for painting these kritters was born

dec 16. red horse gallery
freehold mall (upper level, next to sears)
6-8 pm


  1. Great work! I am a huge fan-(but you know that already!)

  2. thank you paul! and you know i'm a huge fan of yours also so i appreciate the nice words!