Monday, December 20, 2010

johnny appleseed

mr. appleseed!  for an annual christmas party amongst friends, i thought it would be fun this year to have christmas bingo (thanks to my new found love for friday night bingo over the last year or two.) there are several artists within the friend "group" and thus it became art christmas bingo! i thought art for prizes might be more fun than just buying little gadgets from the dollar store that would end up in the garbage (you better not throw johnny in the garbage!!)  each artsy prize was wrapped, and the winner of each round of bingo got to choose a present to unwrap and take home their new artwork. unfortunately, i didn't take photos of the other prizes, but this was my contribution. nothing fancy, but i thought he was cute for a nice, friendly game of bingo.  

thank you, will from laughingboycomics for being our lovely, talented, and enthusiastic bingo caller.

i think that the rest of this week will be christmasy posts. time for magic!

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