Thursday, December 16, 2010


flabs, spikey, and uzzy

tonight is the night.  the destined-to-be awkward reception for my kaotic kritter show. this is my third show at the red horse gallery, yet i've failed to explain a little about the gallery and organization that so kindly invited me back again for another show. 

The Arc of Monmouth received funding from the Monmouth County Arts Council, TD Bank Charitable Foundation and NJ Natural Gas to provide art classes to people with disabilities and to assist in exhibiting, promoting and retailing their art at the Red Horse Art Gallery, located within the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold.

VSA New Jersey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the creative power of people with disabilities.

i'm thrilled and grateful be have been asked to have this show. i love making the kritters, and seeing them all together like this in the gallery is exciting for me. everyone at vsa and the gallery are all such nice people and i think what they do is great. i've said it a million times, i truly believe that art is the most powerful and effective form of therapy, and having a disability calls for lots and lots of therapy. at least for the crazies, like me.  an organization dedicated to supporting arts for the disabled is a beautiful thing.  i want to get more involved somehow.

so come to the show! here's that info one last time:
TODAY, dec 16. red horse gallery
freehold mall (upper level, next to sears)
6-8 pm
or see it anytime until january 21 !
gallery hours: mon-fri 10 am- 4:30 pm
one last note, i have to thank my parents for their undying support. i would have ripped out all my hair or broken a lot of valuables if not for the hours upon hours they spend helping me frame artwork, matte artwork, cut wood, cut masonite, build frame supports, and everything in between. for this show, for past shows, for basically any time i need it.  so thank you mama and papa!

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