Wednesday, December 1, 2010

playtime: puff

who remembers puffalumps?!  here is my first of my toychest series for the autumn society's PLAYTIME show this month! every time a new show comes along i try to think of an idea that may be more likely to appeal to its audience, but it always ends with me making what i love, even if i'm the only one. i can't seem to force myself to make something i don't care about. so for this one, i put my heart and soul into this! it's simple, but i painted my soul mate, puff. he is literally my favorite thing of all time and i've had him since i was born. as lame as it is, i've brought him everywhere, including sleepovers when i was "too old" to bring stuffed animals, college, vacations (that includes present and future vacations...), and i have slept with him every single night (except the past few years, partially because my jerk boyfriend thinks he's gross, but mostly because i don't think he can survive any more holes or tearing.)  he may be old and falling apart, but i plan to keep him forever. you can see a big hole in his ear thanks to an old habit i for some reason called "cuffing" where i'd repeatedly rub my finger over his ear.  it's still a form of comfort to me. i'm a child.

this is what he used to look like (thank you internet stock photos) and his current condition. 

love him.

if you missed my last post, check it out to read about what the PLAYTIME charity show is all about: here

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