Wednesday, December 22, 2010


every year during christmas (since maybe 2005?) my buddy and i decorate some gingybreads. we used to do gingerbread houses, but last year i saw a kit for making gingerbread men and decided that was a million times cooler. it's my favorite christmas activity, and i highly recommend it for a fun night of christmasy festivities. and we are pretty darn creative with it, if i do say so myself.

so here are our gingy men! we like to and try to do duos: mario and luigi, kyle and stan, spiderman and flash, woody and charlie brown.  top row mine, bottom row brian's:

woody is, of course, my favorite. (favorite character, and gingyman!)

and i can't help but post last years because i just get so giddy about these things. they're so cute. marge and bart simpson, mickey and pooh, the freds: flintstone and from scooby, leela and fry. again, top row mine, bottom row brian's

(mickey was my favorite last year)


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