Friday, December 17, 2010

the life of a painting

over the past few days, i have been simultaneously working on 7 different projects... which includes prepwork, sculpting, and painting. i'm attempting to finish quite a bit of work in a short time, for the lovely christmas holiday.  it is stressful, yet i'm feeling the excitement and empowerment of working on so many things. it makes me feel like i'm really accomplishing things, like i don't have a second to spare (which i don't, really). gesso these boards while waiting for the clay to dry, paint these canvases while waiting for the spray paint to dry. mmmm stress. my favorite (when it comes to art.) i work best under stress. when will people learn to give me deadlines? (hint hint)

i was thinking about how amazing it would be to live the life of a painting. don't ask me where this is coming from. but particularly the commissioned paintings i'm working on. if you could see life through these paintings' eyes, you would see everything.  the artist's process, from beginning to end. the conversations that go on while the piece is being worked on or even just lying around.  the sounds, music, movie, or tv shows that are being watched during it's creation (and let me tell you, i watch a lot of weird and horrible movies, not to mention i also laugh really hard almost unnaturally at times. right now i'm addicted to the tv series "coupling" so if you receive any artwork i've created for this christmas, please imagine a bunch of cute little british voices and hilarious, stupid humor while gazing at the piece. ) the frustration of the artist where it feels like the painting will be a huge failure, where the artist contemplates whether they will be even be able to pull this off... followed by the acceptance and relief of the artist during the final stages when the painting finally comes together. the reaction of the person purchasing the artwork.  and what the painting will see, but the artist never: the reaction of the person receiving the artwork from the buyer. followed by the real reaction of that person once the buyer is gone. and then who knows what that painting will see once it's real life begins! either a sad junk-filled closet, or a lively living room, or a sexytime bedroom.  i want to live a life of a painting.

it's late, i'm really tired and delirious, i have no idea what i'm talking about.  thanks to everyone who came out to my show tonight ! i very much appreciate it.  more on that next week.

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