Tuesday, March 8, 2011

attitude shmattitude

i've been spending some of my "free time" looking through spinal cord (sci) discussion and forums. it's really amazing the number of people who ask the same questions. we're just thrown into these difficult situations, literally out of nowhere, and are expected to deal with them with absolutely no knowledge or direction whatsoever. there are so many pleads for help, and it's upsetting since there is not a single response that could prepare them for what's to come. don't get me wrong, it's not that bad. i realize i can only speak for myself and my situation, but life get can get easier and even great. more than anything, i think that really depends on your ability to accept and adjust.

i know all you ever hear out of the mouths of the disabled and their familes is how difficult it is and what a challenge life is and overcoming obstacles and blah blah cliche "life is hard" statements. but you really don't realize how little you know until you're there. it happens, you're stuck motionless, thrown into therapy for basic living skills, and sent on your own to deal with and figure out every other tiny minor detail of your life that had never been given a second thought ever before. and i mean literally every little detail. then you're left struggling to simply live your life, with unhelpful help from doctors and crappy discussion boards from people in "similiar" situations, which really are never similar at all. on your own! good luck. clearly this goes for any situation, not just spinal cord injuries. any mishap that pops into your life and irreversibly changes it dramatically. that's why i'll state the obvious that attitude is everything. i'm a big baby and all, but if i (or my family) had any other kind of attitude towards my disability, i'd probably have a very worn out bed, lots of nasty bed sores, and even more sickly pale skin than i have now.
it just breaks my heart to read so many cries for help, knowing that either i can't help or that i have the same unanswered questions. but i'm a champ, so who cares.

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  1. You ARE AN AWESOME CHAMP...attitude is everything.