Thursday, March 24, 2011

toy legs

i think my blog needs more disability stories...

yesterday, i was using my feet as toys to play with my sister's dog. i know people do that all the time with dogs, but we all know i can't move my legs. as in, i had to physically pick up my legs and wiggle them around. as in, i was sitting in my room by myself wobbling around with full sized legs in my hands bouncing them with shrieks of horrific laughter coming from my mouth. as in, i looked absolutely insane. just picture it in your head. do it. who's uncomfortable?! this is what handicapped people do for fun. at least that's the word on the street. but she bit and nipped at them with the kind of enthusiasm you can only get from an adorable pup. i don't know what's worse. that i did this, that i was laughing really hard at myself while doing it, or that i'm writing this. does this count as a disability story? i'm sorry, i haven't been getting enough sleep lately. i'm so tired....

does posting one of my old but cute puppy paintings make up for the text portion of this post?

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