Monday, March 28, 2011

papabear bobblehead

i spent literally the entire weeked painting, aside from attending an art show my talented cousin was in. it was in an old house transformed into a gallery, on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere, and it was beautiful. such a fantastic idea to display art there, and the whole gallery atmosphere completely takes over to the point that you wouldn't even realize it was actually a normal house. and! i am so close to finishing my 3B pieces, i can taste it...

but onto more important things:

my dad is a goofy looking man, so i really enjoy making different kinds of cartoony pictures of him in different ways. big goofy glasses, big doofy mustache, a little pea-head. too easy.  i've become an obsessive "the office" fanatic, and bought a dwight schrute bobblehead when i found it super cheap, but when it arrived, the head was already snapped off. they sent a new one, and i've been waiting to find a reason to fix and use the broken bobblehead and this just had to be it. my dad's birthday was in january, so i decided to make him this customized bobblehead of himself.  i was amused, and he seemed to be as well because let's face it. he's goofy and it's funny. 

i did have some issues with the final product. to make this of him, i added some clay to adjust the glasses, his mustache, and hair. as i was making it i didn't really get the whole "dad" vibe from it, which normally i get immediately whenever making anything of him. i was worried, but figured it would turn out fine in the end since that's almost always the case. unfortunately, i don't feel that was the case this time. the glasses feel a little peter-griffin-ish, and i realized why it doesn't look as much like him as i'd hoped. my dad has a very round head, like a pea. i think the original longer face/head of the dwight bobblehead is the problem, and i regret not noticing that i needed to adjust the shape of the head.

but it's still funny and dad-ish!

haha !

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