Monday, March 21, 2011

3B sneak peek

aside from checking out an art show (see bottom!), the rest of my weekend was 100% devoted to stressing out trying to get as much painting done as possible. which meant turning down lots of fun things to do, but i luckily actually had some self discipline. who's ready for another amazing autumn society show?! the sequel to last year's  3G show is coming to gallery 1988 this may. last year we paid tribute to three 80's films starting with the letter G. ghostbusters, goonies, and gremlins.  this year, we have 3B! back to the future, bill and ted's excellent adventure, and...BEETLEJUICE! i can't begin to describe how excited i am to make a piece for one of my favorite movies of all time.
when i was deciding on an idea for beetlejuice, i actually got depressed because i can't do more than one. these two images are just a teeny tiny sneak
peek/teaser of my beetlejuice piece. they are part of a much larger piece, but if you recognize them, i love you.

the show opens may 5 at gallery 1988's new venice location (santa monica, california)
get excited!

Poster art by Glen Brogan

quick note: this weekend, i dropped by paradigm gallery & studio in philadelphia to see the autumn society's "age of reptiles" art show (curated by the talented anthony pedro) before it closed. i wasn't involved in the show, but i have a love for dinosaurs (i love over sized creatures) so i had to check it out. i finally got to meet some other autumn society members and fell in love with some of the artwork. if you love dinosaurs as much as i do, check out the pieces from the show, plus a video from opening night here.

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