Thursday, March 10, 2011

"from the bottom of my heart" art show

here they are, finally! photos of the art show at timeless tat2, "from the bottom of my heart." i sadly wasn't able to make it to the reception, thanks to the dreadful flu or cold or whatever kind of annoying sickness that ruined my life for 2+ weeks. i always like to see the shows i participate in if possible, so i dropped by the shop to say hi and see the show.. and take some crappy pictures to share with you, my interweb friends. (click any of the photos for a larger view)

as mentioned previously, the show took place at the timeless tat2, where i get all my prettiful tattoos. it's a very nice looking shop (as you can see.) the reception was the day before valentine's day, with the fantastical theme of "the darker side of love." my favorite. so you can see a variety of different interpretations and some really awesome pieces. if you like what you see, feel free to stop in and check out the show. it's up until april 1st, so there is still some time left! you can see in the photo that my piece "shared" sold (!!!) to a very nice guy who i unforunately didn't get to meet the night of the show, but luckily found me via facebook where we got to chat a bit. whenever possible, i like to thank those who buy any of my work. i sincerely appreciate it and get super excited every time!

above is chris stumpf's awesome painting (the giant one). he's the owner, and my amazing tattoo artist.
below is frank rudy's piece (on the right) who is one of the other fantastic tattoo artists there.

here are just a few more photos of the show:

there was even more work that isn't shown here, so i strongly suggest you check out timeless tat2's facebook album of all the pieces from the show, and you can check out who the artist of each piece is. i'm going to assume their album isn't private, but if it is, then add them, "like" them, do whatever it is that you do so you can see. stupid facebook.

thanks again to everyone at timeless. awesome show i'm proud to be a part of  !

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