Wednesday, March 9, 2011

piknik's booboo

this is piknik, and he was stung in his fat little nose for screwing around in mr. pokey's flower garden. how can you not love that goofy big bear face? i feel so bad for his doofy self. bearter luck next time, piknik! ( good?) i have finally started to use the layered acrylic idea for paintings other than movie scenes. i'm starting off small and slow, but here is the first kaotic kritter 3D painting, "piknik's booboo"! here are the layers separated below, to better understand how the painting looks in person (click for larger images):

piknik the bear is the background painting, with the flowers and mr. pokey the bee on glass raised about an inch above the background. i swear these 3D pieces are impossible for me to take decent photos of. in the below photos, you can get an even better feel for the depth since you can see the actual shadows casted. 

originally when i started the layered acrylic paintings, i was painting directly onto the glass. it was a little more difficult to paint on than other surfaces, but still easily done. i started to fear the possibility that the glass could break and all my hard work would be lost and i'd have to start from scratch to repair and restore back to it's final (amazing) state. instead, i've started to paint on canvas paper. not only has it decreased my frustration and time, but in the event that the glass somehow breaks, i'll be able to take the pieces and replace them on new sheets of glass instead of re-painting the whole thing. i'm a genius. (or an idiot for not thinking of that in the first place.) the only issue is that i need to make sure to cut patiently and carefully. on this particular one, the edges aren't completely perfect thanks to my stressing out late one night to finish in time. (this is another piece for the upcoming auction with vsa arts of new jersey.)

enough of the boring explanation talk. onto my personal thoughts: piknik's booboo was a special kaotic kritter to create. for the first time in a very long time, i collaborated with tim in designing the piece. we hadn't planned on designing together, but when i was bothering him for suggestions, it just kind of happened. i think that we work well together in designing them. someone needs to tell him to get his act together and to join forces with me on a more regular basis on the kaotic kritter phenomenon!

i know they're just little cartoons, but i genuinely love creating and painting every character you see and will ever see from me.


  1. This is awesome! I can't believe I didn't see it before...