Wednesday, March 2, 2011

overtaken woodburning

woodburning! as i mentioned, woodburning is a new fun experiment i've fallen in love with. this is my second woodburning. i knew i wanted to do a one-eyed girl of some sort, but i wasn't ready to go crazy this new tool. i decided to keep it a woodsy-tree-ish 1eg, thinking it would look neat on the piece of bark. it's crazy how different it felt to burn on this piece of wood than my first attempt, considering how different each piece of wood was. i assume it will feel different on every new piece i use. or maybe after a while of getting a good feel for the tool, they'll all feel the same. i don't mean for that to sound dirty.

maybe (definitely) i'm just a crappy photographer, but i find these pieces really hard to take photos of. i attempted to take little detail photos, so i hope you can see better in these how the piece should feel, but i still think the brown burnt-ness is much prettier in person. i would really like to work on my lines: on thickness, deepness, lightness, darkness, and any other ness you can think of. my shading clearly needs a ton of practice. i'll get there. this one's also for vsa of nj's upcoming auction!

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  1. all your paintings on wood, and now with the burning, are really working great with your style