Friday, March 18, 2011

love on bangs art show

happy day-late st. patricks day!

check out some photos of the "little bit of love on bangs" art show at the bdc in february! i sent my buddy bryan on a mission to do my dirty work for me, meaning take photos of some of the work in the show.  there was lots of lovey-dovey art, valentiney presents, and other fun stuff, including liberation skate who i had the pleasure of meeting and planning some future collaborations with.

the opening was lovely as usual.

this was my little section of my mini paintings on wood. my 3 mushy 1EG'S and my 3 mushy KAOTIC KRITTERS.  as far as i know, just my boingy-hearted piece (the center 1EG with the bark) sold to a good home, which made me happy considering it was my favorite from the little series.

these woodcut, letterpress, watercolor, hand cut valentine cards on the left were beautiful and beautifully made. they were one of my favorites. the cards, along with the prettiful piece of the girl on the right were both done by marissa woodrow, a wonderful printmaker i met the night of the show. 

funsy artsy stuff, including the bundle of awesome paintings on the left by tj reddick.

rich falkiewicz's awesome cupid above

i'd show you the whole show, but i'm punishing you for not coming to see it, so you only get to see a few by various artists (here's that list of artists again):

the show wouldn't have been complete without some penis bananas. if that doesn't say "love," i don't know what does...

thanks for stopping by!

thanks again to the bdc for including me in another great show!

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