Friday, March 11, 2011

futurama cupcakes: round 2 AND where the wild things are cake !

FUTURAMA CUPCAKES ROUND 2!! after my decorating addiction began, i posted a facebook album with all of my attempts. someone from a lifetime ago saw my futurama cupcakes/cake and asked me to make them for a birthday. woohoo! i was psyched to have a second chance. i loved my first attempt at futurama cakes, but after having some practice (though i know i still need a lot more), i think they look a million times better. he wanted the main characters, zapp brannigan, and the rest i filled up with random side characters that i thought would be fun. i was just happy to get to do some different characters than the first time. so here they are!

( make sure you take a look at my first attempt from this past september to compare! )

i was pretty psyched to realize how much i love decorating cupcakes. i haven't had a real hobby in a long, long time, and frankly, i don't consider art to be a hobby. cupcake decorating is easily just a hobby, and i'm enjoying it more every time (at least the successful times.) it feels really good to have this in my life.

also, for my jessface's birthday, i made her a "where the wild things are" cake. i had no idea what i was doing, and i fully expected it to be a horrible mess, but i luckily was excited by the outcome. looky looky!

most of all i was excited about carol's hair. i've finally begun exploring with different tips and this one was perfect for hair. it looks so cool! (cooler in person, anyway.) so much exploring and experimenting to be done!!!

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