Monday, March 14, 2011

fur babies

here's a KAOTIC KRITTER commission i did recently of two kitty cats. bella, the black cat is clingy, lovable, affectionate, and loves to play, yet she has an extreme fear of strangers to the point that she'll hide or hiss at whoever comes to her home and even become violent when touched. she's been called "the demon cat" when she is actually very sweet. "she is our little jeckyl and hyde." sophie, the orange tabby, on the other hand, is needy, clumsy, affectionate, talkative with the loudest meow, with a "sack" that hangs below her mid section since she eats literally everything. after much rejection, sophia forced herself on bella and they're now inseparable.

i tried to get as much of the cats personalities in this painting as possible. i made sophie, with her chubby belly, cuddley and loving towards bella, while i attempted to give bella a loving but evil look by giving her one pleasant eye and one angry eye.
aaaand, fur babies is my first sale to canada. fun!


  1. ANNNND I love this, and you are the BEST for making it for me!! xoxoxox