Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i'm seven!

today i'd like to share a very one-sided conversation i had at work with a tiny little girl:

"why are you in a wheelchair? is it powered? i'm seven! i bet it's fun to be in a wheelchair. you don't have to walk. you can even be pushed!"

my favorite was the random "i'm seven!" thrown in there.  hilarious! yesterday, another older girl, probably 5th grade, asked me if it's fun to be in a wheelchair. i find it funny how many kids think it should be fun (which it can be, at times), and i even remember thinking the same thing when i was younger. a chair on wheels! that screams "fun" when you're 7.  what i find more funny is how many adults ask me if it's fun.... and that's just funny because it screams "i'm awkward!"

i'd like to explain this inadequate post. i've been lacking quality blog time, but i can blame that on actually being productive artistically! what a joy it has been, i've been feeling good.

i'm making up for my poor blogging by adding a quick postcard sketch i made for a friend for your viewing pleasure. just a little somethin' somethin'.  i'd also like to note that i think my 1EG's are shaping up nicely compared to when i first started long, long ago, and even compared to the fairly recent image above.  (this may or may not be an indication that a second contest is well on it's way... )

..but i may just think they're improving because i love them more every day. i'm not sure.

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