Thursday, June 16, 2011

adaptive surfing

if all goes as planned, on saturday i will be squeezing myself awkardly into a wet suit and basking in the sun as i'm thrown into the ocean to the sharks. against my better judgement, i'm going to try surfing for the very first time. is it sad that i'm more scared of being eaten alive than drowning? i've spent too many years watching shark week's shark attack stories while thinking i'd never have to worry about it ever again. i'm irrational.

life rolls on puts on an event called "they will surf again"

"They Will Surf Again, a no-cost program underwritten by Life Rolls On and generous underwriters, is the flagship program of Life Rolls On. TWSA utilizes a surfing experience to push the boundary of possibility for those with SCI. It's not all about the surfing, it's about showing that anything is possible!

Individuals with spinal cord injuries from around the country gather together for a day of surfing, inspiration and camaraderie. Some have not surfed since their injury, some have never surfed, some surf all the time despite their varying mobility. TWSA pairs roughly 7 volunteers with each surfer, for a day of excitement, joy, and best of all, surf"

i'm absolutely terrified by the idea of this and every thought i have about it, but i can't think of a single reason why i shouldn't try and experience something new and so seemingly impossible. this will be my first time in the salty ocean in nearly 11 years.

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