Tuesday, June 14, 2011


turtle power! here's a quick peek at some the autumn society's exclusives from the shell-shock show at brave new worlds recently. limited prints were made of all different ninja turtle characters, all by different artists. i was chosen to illustrate TRICERATON! i admittedly didn't know who triceraton is, but i was excited since it is clearly a dinosaur-based character(s).  triceratons are actually an alien race who resemble anthropomorphic triceratops, and breathe a mix of nitrogen and sulfur. they wear protective helmets to provide them with the necessary atmosphere, and their home planet was destroyed for some unexplained reason. thank you, TMNTpedia!  

i drew my guy real quick one night and unfortunately was forced to color him on the computer. i was given specific colors and instructions for the illustrations (as you can see why in the photos). we all know how much i suck with digital art, so he's not the greatest illustration ever made. he's pretty simple, definitely different for me.. but i love the character and colors. these awesome limited prints were for sale at the shell-shock show, in special gnarly pizza boxes, along with gummy pizzas and fantastic autumn society/ninja turtle buttons.

photos from the SHELL-SHOCK show at brave new worlds coming shortly, including photos of the art and turtles VAN! it was a huge and amazing turn out.

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