Monday, June 20, 2011

of elegant beauty

this is the piece i made for this year's art all night. it's the first 1EG painting i've done in the 3-D style, and i kind of see this as the start of something big and great for my 1EG's. i made her with the victorian era in mind, and i did a lot of research on victorian fashion and women while designing her.... and by "a lot" of "research", i mean i did a google image search.


these are the layers to the piece:  the fancy pattern border painted on glass raised about 1/4" inch above the pretty one-eyed girl painted on canvas board background.

i was thrilled when my elegant beauty quickly sold at art all night on saturday, but i'll elaborate on the details of how the night went with some photos later on!


  1. WOW!!! outstanding Kasey! maybe one of my favorites from you

  2. thank you, peter! it's probably my current favorite 1EG. i plan to continue with this type of vibe/style and hopefully get something good going..