Tuesday, June 21, 2011

shell-shock art show!

i showed you the pizza box exclusive prints from the autumn society's SHELL-SHOCK ninja turtle art show, now here are a few photos of the show!

my 3-D michaelangelo painting! ("gnarly gnight")
i spoke to a bunch of people who said they really liked my piece, so that was exciting of course. you can also see there are so many amazing pieces of all different characters in all different styles. see even more on the autumn society's blog .

timmy roselle's fantastic donatello sculpture (in the box on left)

the show had a huge turn out. tons of people came by to check out the art, and there was constant crowds throughout the night.  there were a lot more people than this, but you sure can see it was a packed show.

most importantly, the homemade turtle van!! awesome.

thank you to the autumn society, chogrin, and brave new worlds for another gnarly show :)

UPDATE! way cooler, here is a video from the show's opening! my pieces is shown, where you can get a slightly better idea of the 3-D effect...

This video was filmed and edited by Isaac Ruth, Produced by Chogrin of the Autumn Society.

Music (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Dance Version Theme) by DWP STUDIO PROJECT ( - available on iTUNES
Credits Music from ULTRA GAMES / KONAMI's TMNT game intro (1989).

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